Thursday, 19 July 2012

Beer Review
Summer Wine Brewery - Teleporter 5.0%

Continuing my exploration of Summer Wine Brewery beers brings me to Teleporter tonight, and those who of you who have journeyed with me thus far will know that I've also explored definitions of their beer names.
Putting aside, for now at least the obvious Porter beer association (I know this is actually the point, but humour me) and looking at the word 'teleporter' as a whole, it is a name that anyone who has ever seen an episode of most future-space science-fiction show will be familiar with. Broken down into two distinct parts, the Greek 'tele' meaning distant or distance, and 'porter' from the French meaning to carry or bear, it's meaning becomes clear.
This Summer Wine beer has been carried to me all the way from Honley, a large village with a population of around 6,000 on the banks of the River Holme, near Holmfirth in West Yorkshire. Holmfirth is famous for it's association with the gentle situation comedy Last Of The Summer Wine and it is from this that the brewery gets its name.
It's time to drink it.
It pours a rich dark brown with a deep port red when held up to the light it has a thin beige head which settles to a thin dusting. The aroma is quite thin and malty with a little roastiness that you may expect from a beer that boasts ten malts on its label. There's also a subtle citric hoppiness in there but it is so slight that its evading identification. Initially quite thin over the tongue it suddenly steps it up and becomes more robust with a nice bite to it. Cold black coffee with a touch of milk chocolate becomes a nice nutty roast dryness with a light floral hint. A dry cold milky coffee finish is absolutely delicious and manages to be both dry and 'wet' (for want of a better word) at the same time.
Teleporter is a very nice take on a Porter, ticking all the right boxes for the style. I initially thought I'd like it to be a bit hoppier and was actually expecting that, but the high malt bill would off-set it and it would be more of a battle than a balance. Summer Wine have taken the 'less is more' approach here, and it all works together perfectly.

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