Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Beer Review
Moor Beer Company - Nor'Hop 4.3%

I've been hearing good things about Moor beer for a while so have been anxious to try some. I've had this bottle about 2 months but the weather, and my mood haven't been quite right.
Tonight however this is the beer for me.
It's been hot and humid all day, I haven't got work tomorrow and I wanted something cool and hoppy to slake my first. This has been the only beer on my mind since lunchtime.
I was surprised to read that Moor Brewery was started in 1996 in Pitney in Somerset. However having become a victim of its own success it contracted out of brewing and was relaunched  in 2007 when Justin and Maryann Hawke took over the company.
Nor'Hop is the counterpoint to So'Hop, their (Ultra) Pale Ale brewed using Riwaka hops from New Zealand. This is also described as an Ultra-Pale Ale, brewed using an undisclosed limited availability hop from America.
Time to taste it.
This bottle-conditioned beer pours a very (ultra?) pale, white gold colour with a pure fluffy white head that quickly fades to a smart thin lid atop the beer. There's a huge hit of gorgeous juicy grapefruit in the aroma with some nice lime and elderflower counterpoints.
Smooth but with a sharp edge over the tongue, lip-smackingly juicy grapefruit coupled with the juice from tinned peaches flood the mouth with gorgeous flavour. Some prickly elderflower dryness bursts through before fading away, leaving some more sweet grapefruit in the finish.
This is a real cracker of a beer, packing as much taste as many twice it's strength. It delivers all that it promises in the aroma and despite, or because of, it being bottle conditioned it was a little hazy on the second poor but there were no big clumps of yeast and it didn't affect the flavour adversely at all.
I'll certainly be trying more Moor Brewery beers (pun intended) and am wondering why I didn't have them sooner.

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