Sunday, 7 October 2012

Moor Beer Company - Revival 4.0%

Back in August (all that time ago!) I posted a review of Moor's Nor'Hop that I picked up at The House Of Trembling Madness in York. I mentioned at the time that I wanted to sample more (pun intended again) of what they had to offer and having picked up plenty of beery treats in Bacchanalia in Cambridge yesterday I spotted bottles of Moor beer in another off-licence on my way back to the car. Despite being laden with bottles I couldn't resist buying some.
Brewed to celebrate the revival of the brewery, all the information that you need (except which hops are used frustratingly) can be found on the brewery website here. Hoppy and refreshing, according to the bottle so let's see.
Pouring a cloudy amber with a thin white head and a fresh grassy citric-grapefruit-orange aroma, this is a very inviting beer for those who like it hoppy. Watery caramel toffee, a touch of pine and grapefruit flavours wash around the mouth, and it is rather refreshing - description satisfied. The finish is lovely dry citrus with a hint of barley-sugar too.
Another delicious beer from the Moor brewery, but to be honest I expected nothing less having heard very very good things about them from people whose opinions I respect.
Now, if only I could get my hands on a bottle of Hoppines ...


  1. That would be Cambridge Wine Merchants, they have a few shops in town...

    1. I think you could be right there. I saw them in the window and had to pop in to buy some. Thanks for posting a link.