Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Beers Of London Series: 51. Brupond - The Belgian Farmhouse Experiment 4.5%

Beers Of London Series
51. Brupond - The Belgian Farmhouse Experiment 4.5%

I've been meaning to do another Brupond beer review for a while, however the fact that I hadn't was brought sharply into focus when I was alerted to this at the end of last week by both @jamesbwxm and @liberty_bear. I had heard a week or so before that the beers were no longer going to be bottled but the news that that the brewery was to close due to unforeseen circumstances saddened me.
Brupond were the first new London brewery that I featured in this series when I reviewed Tip Top Hop back in April and while the taste
didn't quite deliver on the promise of the aroma I assumed that I had either a rogue bottle or at least one from a rogue batch. If you read my review then you will note that I published it the week before the 'Opening Event'. I later found out in conversation with Dave (Brassfield - founder, owner and brewer) that he was concerned that this review would adversely affect attendance at the festival, as far as either of us could ascertain then it probably didn't so I feel perhaps a little vindicated that I didn't deplete his exposure on the day itself.
Following my review I became engaged in some good-natured twitter and e-mail conversation with Dave which culminated in us meeting at the infamous (or famous - depending on your experience) Londons Brewing festival at London Fields brewery on Saturday 4th May. I had a ticket for the evening session and as Dave was giving a tutored tasting of his beer then also it seemed an ideal time for our paths to cross. After some 'where are you?' tweets and us exchanging mobile phone numbers we managed to locate each other in an area where we could have a decent conversation. I was immediately impressed with his enthusiasm and passion for his beer and his brewing, explaining to me the pitfalls that he had come across moving up from home-brewing to trying to replicate the same beer exactly on a much larger scale, whilst at the same time coming to terms with brand new equipment. In addition to this however, and much to my delight, he had bought along a few bottles of Tip Top Hop for me to try. Tasting it in as near to prime condition as I could at that time I found that it was transformed, the taste matched and complimented the aroma of peach, pomegranate and elderflower adding to these some wonderful orange and lemon caramel running all the way through it. He had convinced me.
I have to say that others I was with weren't quite so sure, but he left me with the impression that here was a man who was trying his hardest to learn from his previous mistakes and get it right, and consistently too.
So, onto tonights beer. Now if I see a beer called 'The Belgian Farmhouse Experiment' I'm expecting a saison, and seeing as there some rather fine ones out there at the moment I'm anxious to see how this compares.
It pours a cloudy glowing lighter orange colour with quite a spritzy near-white head, but this quickly fades to a thin ring of bubbles around the edge of the glass. The aroma is surprisingly tart, curacao orange and crushed coriander seeds loom in front of a peppery lemon background and there are some sour notes in there too. Bitter and a little eye-watering over the tongue it has a big curacao orange flavour, all tart and sour with some white pepper character too. The finish fades into a doughy citrus yeastiness with that crushed coriander seed I detected in the aroma coming through right at the death to give a touch of bitter orange oil.
This is actually not bad at all. I happen to like beer with sour and tart flavours, they are both challenging and refreshing adding different and unexpected character to saisons and 'sours' particularly when done subtly and with panache, however I'm left with the feeling that what I'm tasting here is more by accident than design. It doesn't quite seem to all fit together properly and I'm not convinced it was what was originally planned.
I'd like to wish Dave well wherever his path takes him next. He is a genuinely nice chap and deserves every success.
Fare well my friend.


  1. What you failed to mention is that Dave raised money on a crowdfunding site to fund this venture only last April - so he maybe a very nice chap if you didnt invest or a total ........ if you did. His plans never mentioned taking the investment and disappearing back to the USA a few months later because he felt like it.

    1. In reply to your comment, I had previously mentioned how the funds were raised in the previous post I made and indeed linked to in this one. I am unaware of the circumstances regarding the closure of the brewery and can only comment on my dealings with Dave which were always amicable. This blog is used solely for the purpose of reviewing beer and as such would you please keep comments to that effect. I understand that you may have a grievance but this is not the place to air it. I also thank you for not using abusive language.

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