Monday, 21 May 2012

Mikkeller In May
19. Mikkeller 19 6.8%

There was really only one beer I could use for my 19th Mikkeller In May review, especially after reviewing 10 yesterday. Mikkeller 19, along similar lines, is the culmination of the 19 hops used in Mikkellers Single Hop series, up until that point at least. I'm afraid I'm going to have to list those 19 hops with the percentages they were used in, just so that you know, and just so I can get them out of the way.
Here goes: Simcoe 17.14%, Citra 15.72%, Amarillo 14.29%, Sorachi Ace 10.71%, Bravo 6.79%, Colombus 6.79%, Cluster 4.64%, Warrior 4.64%, Cascade 3.57%, Centennial 3.57%, Pallisade 2.86%, Challenger 1.43%, Galena 1.43%, Magnum 1.43%, Mt Hood 1.43%, Tettnanger 1.43%, Nugget 0.71%, Williamette 0.71%.
I need you to remember those, as I'll be asking questions later.
Stating the obvious maybe, but I'm expecting this to be hoppy.
It pours a dark amber, almost burnt orange, with a beige head that blooms and fades but never quite disappears. The aroma has lots and lots of fresh green hops, bursting with pine oiliness, sharp citrus peels, lemon, orange and grapefruit. There's some tropical fruitiness in there too, pineapple and mango just at the back, jostling for space with some gentle buttery floral notes. Over the tongue this is far sharper than the 10, tearing a little at the tastebuds as it almost tries to cling on before tumbling down the throat. There's a big grapefruit hit with a little bitter lemon, before some tropical fruit caramel fills the palate with a wonderful roundness, then down crashes some orange pine marmalade all swept away by some spiciness, predominantly white pepper. The finish is long and dry with all those flavours combined, it's truly a wonderful and flavoursome experience.
This is the beer I thought that 10 would be,  hoppy but not overwhelmingly so, and while 10 was wondefully mellow, 19 is sharper and zingier but not so bitter that it causes the tongue to implode.
Now, what were those hops again?

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