Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Mikkeller In May
16. Mikkeller Weizenbock 8.5%

So it's time I had the weizenbock. Actually there's not a lot to say about this beer. There's not much on the label save the obvious wheat imagery and the ingredients. There are a few tongue-in-cheek references online about this being the 'first in a long series of wheat beers ... 56 more in 2011' which may or may not (but probably did) come straight from Mikkeller. A weizenbock is essentially a strong version of an unfiltered weissbier or hefeweizen, but this is a Mikkeller weizenbock so let's see what it's like.
Pouring a dark amber with a quickly dissipating tan head, the vanilla, clove, coriander and banana yeasty aromas that you would expect from a wheat beer are very apparent with a faint lemon sorbet edge binding them all together. A touch thin, but with a little biting sharpness at the back of the tongue, leathery honey and some marmalade hoppiness that wasn't apparent in the aroma leads to some creamy lemon and the clove and coriander more readily associated with the style. The beautiful honeyed lemon continues into the finish, slowly drying and fading to leave an almost tannic spirit glow.
This beautifully crafted beer brewed at the De Proef brewery is another, like the Tripel I had yesterday, that takes it's base style and warps it just a bit. It's rounded and balanced but with some accents and nuances that take it in a slightly different direction. I'm very happy with where it led me too.

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