Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Mikkeller In May
2: To Ol/Mikkeller Sleep Over Coffee IIPA 10.5%

Second day of May, second Mikkeller beer. This was an easy choice for today as it's the sequel to the Overall IIPA, same beer but with a great load of espresso coffee thrown in for good measure before being matured in fermentation tanks in Belgium.
While the Overall was a palate ripping bitter hop bomb this is a more tempered affair, not a full-frontal assault more of a measured bombardment, but still with masses of flavour and complexity. It pours a muddy orange amber with a rocky tan-coloured head. The aroma is like smelling a sharp, tart and bitter orange coffee marmalde with a wet ashiness giving you a big hint of what's in store. It's slightly oily but also drying on the palate, with citric coffee and orange peel and honeyed nougat flavours washing through before seemingly pooling on the centre of the tongue, pushing a big pine lemony nutty grapefruit aroma up into and completely filling the nose. A citrussy hoppy maltiness in the aftertaste leaves a wispy smokey roast bitter coffeeness playing in the mouth and nose, and an intense dry bitterness drying slowly on the back of the throat.
A stunning and intricate beer, combining and contrasting the hoppiness of a Double IPA with the nutty aromatic caffeine hit of strong coffee. Stimulating.

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