Thursday, 3 May 2012

Mikkeller In May
3. Mikkeller Not Just Another Wit 7.6%

It's late in the evening. After two days of big IPAs I needed something a little different, and this witbier, unfiltered and spicy, certainly fits the bill. It pours a cloudy straw colour with a high rocky white head. A dry lemony chamomile banana and clove aroma has real depth, with spicy vanilla toffee notes also making their presence felt. Sweet honey flavours ease themselves gently, almost lazily across the palate with little stabs of creamy zesty lemon bitterness. Wheaty coriander spiciness comes to the fore before melting into a dry vanilla grassy aftertaste.
 There's an interesting mix of American hops used, Goldings, Saaz, Amarillo and Cascade, and the fusion of these with a traditional Belgian wheat beer really works here. Justifiably claiming to be an Imperial Witbier, Not Just Another Wit is a complex and beautifully crafted white ale with all the flavours and textures working together very naturally to create something very special.

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