Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Beers Of London Series
3. Beavertown - Imperial Smog 9.0%

Since I last reviewed a Beavertown beer, 8 ball, at the back end of October last year, the breweries star has continued to rise with rave reviews from all quarters. I covered their history previously so if you want a little background just read my last review.
Imperial Smog (now called Imperial Lord Smog Almighty) is an amped-up version of their excellent smoked porter - Smog Rocket. It, like it's older (if weaker) brother is brewed with Magnum and Chinook hops but is a whopping 110 IBU's compared to Smog Rocket's 23 (statistics from brewery website).
It pours like black treacle with a tight beige head, but it's the aroma that hits you full in the face here. It's a smky bonfire of cocoa, coffee and bitter chocolate with a slight iron edge to it. It roughs up your tongue as you drink it, stamping, punching and elbowing its way to the back of your throat. An intense explosion of liquid bitter chocolate occurs slap-bang in the middle of your tongue. This is quickly followed with sweet milk chocolate and cocoa powder flowing around it, cooling and soothing before in comes the smokiness like a smouldering Cadbury Flake log. Flooding the mouth with singed chocolate all covered with a light dusting of vanilla flavoured sugar, it is simply delicious. The finish is like a dry cocoa rub on barbecued chicken that has dripped onto the ot coals, intense, warming and wonderful.
Another superb beer from the Beavertown stable, whose portfolio of outstanding beers continues to grow. If you haven't tried their beers (although by now I'm guessing most of you have) then don't delay. You won't regret it.

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