Sunday, 18 March 2012

"The Beer What I Brewed": Brentwood Gold 4.3%
Gyle Ref: 27/12

Possibly the most self-indulgent blog post, however as it marks the first full-mash beer that I (admittedly helped) brew I thought I'd tie it in with a review of one of my favourite beers.
I picked up the polypin last Friday (16/3) from the White Horse on my way home from work and was met by the irrepressible Roland, co-founder of the brewery, who could quite happily have talked all evening. I was fortunate that they had another favourite beer of mine on at the bar, the Chestnut Stout a deliciously malty slightly smokey roast chestnut ale, and was introduced to the chap who apperently has a freezer full of chestnuts to sustain production year round.
Bidding farewell I cradled my prize and carried it carefully to the car, where my wife and children were waiting to go home. I knew I had to play the waiting game as it takes time to settle so it was set aside and tucked-up for the night.

So what is it like? Well, as I hope that you can see from the picture it pours a delightfully bright old-gold colour with a faint off-white head. There is a little smokey pine, orange marmalade and a hint of lemon of the nose, conjuring up perfectly the memory of weighing out the Cascade and East Kent Golding hops to go into the brew. It runs lightly over the tongue with a thin to medium body. Sharp tangerine and a big pine flavour melts into an orange lemon citrus taste, again evocative of those hops, and the refreshing golden taste is a perfect match to late afternoon sunshine. A little oily pine and a touch of grapefruit citrus in the aftertaste underlines a simply wonderful beer, testament to the skill of the brewer.

    I had a wonderful day at the brewery, detailed in an earlier blog, and to be drinking the fruits of my labour and sharing it with friends is something a bit special. I know that all too soon the beer will be gone, and all I will have are my memories and my certificate on the wall, but while I still have some left I'll just go and help myself to another glass.

Cheers !                                                                                                                                                                           

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